This particular set of paintings is about the landscape. The landscape exposes the inherent connection between human beings and the forces of nature. The paintings focus on an awareness of the rhythm and textures of the brush strokes as they reveal the light, forms, structure and perpetual movement of nature impacting a heightened sense of being alive.

  • 89-699.jpg 156.jpg 175.jpg 201.jpg Drive 214.jpg 235.jpg 249.jpg River Ways 265.jpg Bay at Findhorn Covesea - Moray, Scotland Caves at Primrose Bay 330.jpg 334.jpg Bee Balm & Blue Umbrella Color Rebound 354.jpg Escape Sunlit Findhorn 371.jpg Rushing Towards Discovery 381.jpg Within the Edge Glory Another Day Chesapeake Autumn Climb Autumn Rolls of Hay bjs382.jpg Chesapeake Disegno Clutching Autumn Eastern Neck Golden Marsh Greeting Spring Holding onto Night Into the Hills Embracing L'hiver Mural for longtime patient Walking through Ochre Fields River Rapids Rolls of Hay at Duffus Sky after Storm Walking Through Field Winter's Farewell Winter Tree