G. L. Sussman - Site Specific Work

Richard Nash Gould, Architect designed a free standing building for Marlo Thomas in Westport Ct. This building houses a steam room which I designed, conceived and created a 360 degree rainforest,1500 square foot bas relief environment out of appropriate materials to withstand the extreme temperatures and environmental conditions. The room space incorporates a door with a life-size carved ebony monkey door handle. The room itself, as per the blue prints, has seven sides with only one right angle. The project scope required the strict adherence to the architectural, engineering, and design specifications. As the sculptor, chief designer, and project leader, I assembled a team of seven professionals necessary to accomplish the task in the time allotted. Coordination with Ken Billington, the theatre lighting designer, was also incorporated for the project. Proficient expertise in coordinating the team to solve many complicated and technical problems along with the aesthetic and artistic concerns are necessary in a project of this scale. The delivery and installation of the entire steam room was completed under my leadership and supervision. The project was completed in 1995 within budget, and on time.

Project: Rainforest Steamroom for the Residence of Marlo Thomas